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Designer Blouse

Designer blouse implicates current fashion hottest trends in the world today. With these upcoming trends in fashion. Blouses are no more treated as a simple decorative garment associated with Saree and Choli. It is now customized by choice of the individual and demands of the female fanatics. These blouse offers comfort and it’s the most versatile to wear, perfect for all occasions.

Designer blouse is known for its various types. At AYAANJAL we have a range of such designer blouse designs such as the Halter Neck Blouse, Off Shoulder Blouse, Backless Blouse, Spaghetti Strap Blouse, and Stringed Back Blouse. AYAANJAL specializes in customizing these designer blouses for various Saree and garment designs to satisfy the individual needs of women.


The Saree is known not only by different names in various parts of the country, but it is also conceived differently in form and structure, in usage and custom. Indian Sarees can be made out of different material and can be customized in traditional as well as the modern style. It is a stretch of fabric that becomes long or short, wide or narrow according to who wears it and the way in which it is worn. Indian saris come in a mind-boggling variety of textures, colors and designs. Saris form an integral part of Indian weddings and celebrations. The rich weave and feel saris hold everyone in their sway. sari continues to hold pride of place among the various fashion garment in the industry.