Fashion design is an exciting and glamorous career that attracts many aspiring professionals. Fashion is often wrongly perceived as being limited to the catwalk, and about makeup, big hairdos, glamour, show biz parties, clunky shoes and outlandish outfits.

Fashion design at AYAANJAL Couture is far more than the creating of beautiful clothing. However, if you choose to have a career in fashion design with us you will be involved in the design process and even the production process at some levels. Duties will most likely include:


• Researching relevant and current design trends
• Sketching garment ideas
• Selecting colors and fabric for the garmen
• Supervising garment construction
• Finalizing and styling the finished product

The life of a fashion designer is immensely linked to style and creativity that keeps changing from time to time. A designer must be able to keep up with the changing trends and creating new generation design with his or her creative ideas. Fashion embodies the ideas and the attitudes of the time we live in and every generation of designers gets to remake the world through their designs.

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