About Ayaanjal

AYAANJAL is more referred to as Haute Couture for its creation of exclusive custom-fitted garments. It is referred to as Haute Couture as we at AYAANJAL are in to make to order designing of garments for a specific customer, as per their specific requirement of outfit. This is usually made from high-quality, fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable tailors, with time-consuming and hand-executed techniques.

AYAANJAL is the apotheosis of taste, elegance and style. For more than 200 years, the world's most skilful tailors have been drawn to the "Street of INDIA", cutting and crafting the finest fabrics for generations of elegant dressers. At AYAANJAL Couture style, elegance and comfort comes from experienced cutting allied with perfect fitting, in harmony with body shape and the skills in handcraft tailoring.

The discipline of bespoke tailoring at the highest level is a compulsion with every dress created here. With close attention to the finest detail, classic tailoring remains vital since it responds absolutely to each customer’s individuality. Not just their figure but also taste, lifestyle and character. This ensures that every design is unique at AYAANJAL.