Gallery - Tunics


Ayaanjal tunics has its unique style for its tunic designs which can be teamed with formal pants and skirts to give a hint of the exotic wear. Tunics are designed in varying shapes, such as the smock type (the baby-doll cut), or the more traditional bodice and skirt type. AYAANJAL Tunic designs are trendy and are a great options that and can help you complete your look this season. Overall, tunic dresses are very comfortable, stylish and quite versatile and It can go from casual to semi-formal... perfect for work or parties

A tunic dress is simply one of those classically inspired wardrobe with a kind of a retro twist in it. They can be worn as it is, and can easily give you chilled look and leave you looking hot. They are usually worn over leggings or tight-fitting pants. Tunic has created waves on the ramp and they have been on the top of the favorite’s charts because of their simplicity, elegance and the comfort it offers. A good tunic is a must have in every girls wardrobe and choosing the right one can complete it without any question.