Gallery - Lengha Choli


At AYAANJAL, Lenghas are hand decorated and customized in the traditional Indian designs with zardozi and hand embroidery giving the dress its Indian royal look. Tejal’s designs have a modern but Royal taste of Mughal era in her Lengha Choli Designs. The fabrics are carefully chosen to make the Lehnga and Choli to match the occasion. The beauty of this royal dress however lies in the fine embroidery or zari handwork done on it.

This zari handwork designs are very carefully designed for every dress and the skilled craftsmen are then supervised at AYAANJAL, to create that special masterpiece, of all these forms of embroideries in various combinations to create a Royal Dress-Lengha Choli.

Lengha Cholis have a beautiful history in India. When the Mogul’s invaded India in early BC they brought this unique skirt and blouse combination with them. It is mainly used as wedding or party wear. Women just cannot go wrong with a fashion item that has been in fashion for hundreds of years. The popularity of Lehngas Choli has increased proportionately with the times.